Awaken Festival Music

Amazing Music & DJ Sets At The Sober Rave Fest UK 2019

Sober Ravers can expect some amazing DJ sets and music at the conscious clubbing based festival. Raving sober along side many other sober ravers will provide a great festival for all.

You can expect music that covers most bases. From rave to uplifting trance/house sub-genres to chillout sets that will help you to unwind.

The Awaken Festival merges the whole conscious clubbing or sober raving ethos into  what is called “Ecstatic Dance.” Ecstatic dance itself goes back over 30,000 years with cave paintings in India displaying amazing paintings of our ancestors carrying out their day to day living and this includes dance. Today, ecstatic dance is emerging as the new yoga, by combining freestyle dance with various dance music.

As humans we hear music and it activates both the pleasure and reward center within our brains. In addition, it lights up the cerebellum. This is the part of our brain that controls the motor function and coordination.

For this reason why we often find it difficult not to nod our head or tap our foot on the floor. When we hear music that has a beat to it. So, it is true to say that basically our brains are wired to dance.

This being said, in some cultures, society dictates when dancing is appropriate to do so. For most of us dancing and not being able to fully express ourselves is an issue. By doing so would take us outside our own comfort zone. Often this would have the effect of making  making us feel embarrassed..

The Awaken Festival And Ecstatic Dance

So like ecstatic dance, which have no structure and follows no format and can not really be taught. We take this aspect of ecstatic dance and incorporate it into our sober rave festival. All participants  many different rhythms, patterns and movements. Whilst dancing to the sounds of modern world music grooves.

Our goal is to encourage all who attend our festival to dance and let go of any self-imposed restrictions. To set aside our intellect and our perceived concept of how not to move. It is an opening into new ways for us to express our-self in movement.

It is anticipated that most if not all the music shall be provided by some amazing DJ’s.

Full listing coming soon.





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