Melodic Progressive House Festival

Part of the Awaken Festival the “Melodic Progressive House Festival” is a totally unique Music and Dance Festival highlighting the very best of the Melodic Progressive House genre. 
The Festival will include a main tent along with a sober (alcohol free zone) tent for conscious clubbers who want to experience the festival without having any association with alcohol or drugs.
In addition, the Melodic Progressive House Festival is totally unique in that not only is the accommodation and food included in the early bird ticket price of £195. But part of the profits go to a designated homeless project.
All the traders provide products and services that contribute to the ethos of the festival.  The festival aims to be as green as possible and to leave the venue the same way we found it.
As part of the Awaken Festival ethos, that aim to give give every person the opportunity to buy a Melodic Progressive House Festival ticket and not have to spend a penny more.
(if you are unfamiliar with “Melodic Progressive House” music check out for some amazing mixes of the very best this unique style of house music.
Melodic Progressive House Festival
Dates :
To be agreed. Sign up to register for an “early bird” application.
What’s Included?

Camping Tents
Attendees will be offered accommodation in a camping tent that will be provided by the festival.

Early bird festival goers will receive 5 food vouchers that they can redeem on site.

All music on site is provided free with your ticket.

Any workshop that is held as part of the Melodic Progressive House Festival is free with your festival ticket.

Parking on site is free for any car that has 3 or more festival goers in a single car.

Parking For 1-2 Persons
Any car that does not have 3 plus occupants will need to park in town during the festival duration and picked up and dropped off for free by allocated drivers