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The Awaken Festival presents a special event in the UK yoga festivals niche. Our conscious clubbing sober rave fest is heavily inspired by “spirituality.” and it’s benefit to us all. As a result, the festival incorporates yoga and meditation classes which shall be free to all which attend the planned event.  Our unique and one a kind festival is totally “alcohol / drugs & meat free. You can therefore be sure to only be in the company of people like you. In addition many of the stall holders and traders will be of a spiritual nature.

We anticipate all levels of participation from both experienced and inexperienced yoga students. Although the festival is based around sober raving and the term “sober.”  It will lend itself to yoga and meditation students who just love music and festivals.

It is our wish to give every person who attends the festival the opportunity to experience yoga and for some introduce the benefits of yoga and mediation into their lives.

The History of Dance And Music

You are no doubt aware that yoga and meditation have been around for thousands of years with its origins in Asia. Likewise dance and in particular ecstatic dance has its origins in India going back some 30,000 years. Cave paintings have been found that our ancestors believed in importance of music and dance. 

So through time, yoga and meditation have been used in unison as an alternative form of exercise. Yoga and meditation together keep our mind and body healthy and just as important – it makes us feel happy and positive.  The practice of yoga helps to improve balance, strength, endurance and flexibility within the body. Meditation working in tandem with yoga helps keeps the mind sharp. It also offers the benefits of relieving stress and anxiety, and it can help strengthen our immune system.

Yoga And Meditation DIY

For those looking to experience yoga for themselves. It may surprise you that one does not have to attend regular classes to reap the rewards. Naturally, it helps of course to have a yoga teacher offer guidance. But just a few simple poses, breathing techniques, and positive coping skills can help us manage stress. Now days, we all live hectic and busy lives.

By implementing these simple exercises and techniques we can also improve our mental clarity. Along with the ability to manage any chronic conditions we may have. Not forgetting of course promoting a much healthier lifestyle in general. It is therefore not surprising that with all the health benefits associated with yoga and meditation. More and more people, both young and old, from all walk of life are incorporating these basic yoga and meditation techniques into their daily life.

Experienced exponents of yoga and meditation are well aware of all the associated benefits. However, anyone new to yoga and mediation may not fully comprehend just how it can improve their life. Therefore experienced or not. If you have a passion for yoga, meditation and modern music then this is undoubtedly the festival for you. Now is your chance as part of an amazing concept and experience at the Awaken Festival.

So What is Included in The Sober Rave Fest Ticket Price?

Our Yoga & Meditation festival operates differently to all other events in so many aspects. The “Food & Accommodation” included in ticket price, being just one example.

Research carried out by the Association of Independent Music Festivals in 2014 reported that on average every visitor who attended a festival spent on average more than £466. Whilst this figure did include the actual ticket itself. It is worth mentioning that very few festivals go into a couple pounds for a ticket. This is not also taking into account the actual purchase of the camping tent.

Our mission is to offer every festival goer who attends our festival the possibility of not having to spend a single penny more than the ticket price for the duration of our ecstatic dance festival.

The Food

Every person who buys a ticket for one of our Awaken Festival events. Will be allocated five tokens which permit the ticket holder to redeem them at any food stall on site. A list of the different types of food that will be available on site. Shall be published as soon as they have been confirmed. Please note that each token will allow the purchase of food only in  many cases, although this could change closer to the date of the festival. All food available shall be either vegetarian or Vegan. We will not have no meat products available at the festival.

Just a side note. As more and more festivals are turning vegetarian or vegan. Mexico’s Comunité festival makes a pretty convincing case on their website. Every day that a person eats a vegan diet it saves 1,100 gallons of water, 45 pounds of grain, 30 sq ft of forested land, 20 lbs CO2 equivalent,. Plus the life of one animal.

The Awaken Festival is committed to looking at ways to reduce the use of all plastics where possible. We shall be striving to make our festival as green as possible. We want to leave nothing, but footprints behind, at our festival.

Free Camping Tent Accommodation.

There are likely to be variations of the types of camping accommodation as we get closer to the weekend of the festival. However, as a ticket holder you will be offered the opportunity of staying in a very small two person or 4 person tent. This camping tent  accommodation shall be provided by the Awaken Festival organisers.  The two person tents have two separate single compartments with the four person tents having two separate double compartments. It envisaged that we shall have larger and more luxurious glamping tents available for small groups.  However these more luxurious camping tents will attract an additional charge to that of the basic ticket price.

So register now for your super early bird tickets and join like minded people interested in everything spiritual including yoga / meditation and music.



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